about BRidGE

BRidGE is a blockchain-based Identity management system that makes formal documentation a personal affair again. It challenges our understanding of privacy through the ability to selectively disclose the sensitive information that is appropriated in a particular context.

We foresee a fundamental shift in legal forms of identity in the coming years from paper forms to digital ones. This will allow for systems to be quicker and much more versatile in terms of storing and transferring data. What does that mean for identities themselves and how will people represent themselves in different situations?

The platform allows you to build up a fragmented collection of informations about yourself, by yourself and can contain all the attributes, you think are important. Apart from basic information like a name, date of birth or an address, you might also add family relationships, job or health details. To make effective use of BRidGE in everyday life, you might want to add membership or student numbers from different institutions as well. Through doing so, BRidGE can become your keyring for real-life.